2022 Ram Rebel TRX: Price, Release Date, and Specs

The forthcoming 2022 Ram Rebel TRX is expected to be well-received by the market. It is most likely the most outlandish vehicle in the truck segment right now. Its bold appearance and extremely strong Hellcat engine deserve recognition. T-Rex, or TRX, will compete with the well-known Ford F-150 Raptor model. Furthermore, Ford is set to release the Raptor R version, so TRX will most likely rival this new “R” model.

Ford is trying to do things quickly, as the current F-150 Raptor model is far from the Ram TRX Rebel in terms of performance. That could change in the near future, so we are waiting to see Ram’s next move. Until that happens, Ram’s supercharged V8 will continue to be the most powerful engine in the segment. The high-performance model will be available later this year, and here’s everything you need to know about it.

2022 Rebel TRX Looks Wild

The 2022 Ram Rebel TRX has a highly aggressive appearance. This wild truck perfectly combines modern styling with the athletic stance and sporty cues. Surprisingly, this model will not deviate significantly from its base design, which is fantastic. Nonetheless, several components are obviously based on the Ram 1500 pickup. The wild personality works well with the mean-looking front fascia.

TRX Rebel has a bigger grille and bigger openings than the regular Ram 1500 variant. This is required because the V8 supercharged engine requires more ventilation. The side profile, like the hood, has a lot of muscles. Ram has bigger wheels and tires, as well as a higher ride and broader stance. Thanks to all of that, the TRX Rebel variant provides superb stability and off-road capabilities.

2022 Ram Rebel TRX specs

Interior Provides More Equipment

New Ram 1500 pickup will receive major improvements. Thanks to that, we expect the 2022 Ram Rebel TRX variant to receive similar upgrades, which is fantastic. For starters, the TRX Rebel version has a sportier interior with additional carbon-fiber elements. Furthermore, this vehicle has extra bolstering on the seats as well as contrast stitching.

The Quad cab configuration is available, and it is a more spacious variation than the Crew cab, which is also available. The Crew Cab comes with a 5-foot 7-inch bed, and the Quad cab will have a 6-foot-4-inch bed. The Ram 1500 TRX Rebel’s cabin is considerably more luxurious, with a stunning 8.4-inch touchscreen. As before, the manufacturer also offers an optional 12-inch display, along with the latest driver-assistance features.

2022 Ram Rebel TRX interior

Hellcat Engine Specs

The upcoming 2022 Ram Rebel TRX is powered by a 6.2-liter engine under the hood. It is a 707-horsepower supercharged V8 gasoline version. Various reports, however, are predicting even more power, about 717 horsepower. The manufacturer supplies a basic 8-speed automatic transmission, but a 6-speed manual transmission, as seen in the Challenger SRT variant, will not be available.

The vehicle is also available with both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive systems. Because of the higher ride, this model is a fantastic off-roader. RAM also provides chunky all-terrain tires, a wider stance, and bigger fender flares. The current model can tow almost 12,000 pounds and a new one will probably tow even more than that.

2022 Ram Rebel TRX Hellcat

2022 Ram Rebel TRX Launch Date and Price

According to the latest reports, the new 2022 Ram Rebel TRX will hit the markets later in 2021. The price should remain, so this impressive truck will once again cost around $60,000. Of course, don’t be surprised if the price slightly jumps.

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