2022 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck Release Date, News, and Rumors

The forthcoming 2022 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck will be available at dealerships in a one-year time. This legendary model was only on the market for four years, but it had a big influence. Subaru created a one-of-a-kind truck with remarkable capabilities. The return is now on the agenda, and we can’t wait to see what the manufacturer has in store.

This is a perfectly logical move, given that the pickup truck market is more popular than ever before. Furthermore, established brands are resurrecting ancient nameplates, and Subaru is no exception. According to some rumors, the new model will be based on the Viziv concept. We already know a few things about the new Baja Pickup Truck, so here’s all you need to know.

2022 Baja Pickup Truck Will Look Closer to the Viziv Concept

New 2022 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck will have a distinct appearance. According to reliable reports, Subaru will take influence from the Viziv concept, which is a great thing to hear. As a result, the new truck will appear quite modern, although certain aspects of the concept will not be produced. In any case, the exterior of the Baja Pickup Truck will be aggressive.

Basically, nothing from the prior model will be available. Subaru will replace the wheels, grille, headlights, and taillights with all-new parts. The platform is quite a mystery, although reputable reports point to unibody construction. This model will offer a lot of sporty features and an athletic appearance.

2022 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck specs

Interior is More Outback-Like

Inside the cabin, the new 2022 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck will likewise be inspired by the Viziv concept. The cabin design is quite modern, looking more like a brand-new SUV than a pickup truck. Surprisingly, the Outback SUV will have a significant influence on the Baja Truck’s interior design as well.

Subaru will, of course, provide a plethora of new amenities and bigger screens. However, only the highest trim levels will receive luxury features like leather upholstery. There will be seating for four people, but we do not yet know exactly which cab setups will be available.

2022 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck interior

Under the Hood

The upcoming 2022 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck will almost certainly have a powerful V6 engine under the hood. The most likely outcome for this model is a 3.6-liter V6 engine. This potent V6 produces 256 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque. Although this is not official, there are several candidates for an optional powertrain. Another option, according to some rumors, is a 2.4-liter turbo-four engine with almost 300 horsepower.

The iconic Boxer engine, on the other hand, is less likely to happen anytime soon. Furthermore, Baja Truck will not offer any hybrid or all-electric options. Subaru is expected to offer both manual and automatic transmissions, and we are still waiting for additional information on the diesel powerplant.

What the Future Holds?

The biggest issue was that it was a unibody car-based design known as a “ute”. Ironically, Baja wasn’t offered in Australia or New Zealand, where utes are extremely popular. Now, the 2022 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck will have to improve a lot of things. The Baja, which was fundamentally worse at truck tasks than a body-on-frame design, just couldn’t compete with smaller trucks like the Ford Ranger at the time. The Ranger can pull 9,500 pounds and haul 1,260 pounds. As for the Baja, it has a tow rating of 2,400 pounds and carrying capabilities of 1,070 pounds.

The thing is that the Ford Ranger was a smaller pickup at the time. Despite its size, Ranger offered significantly more space and better capabilities than the larger Baja. Subaru will have to deliver a more capable model with impressive off-road abilities. Because of that, the future for Baja could be bright, but Subaru has no room for mistakes.

According to motorbiscuit.com, Subaru will probably jump into the pickup truck market, but until it becomes official, stick to the Nissan Frontier. Also, they state that if Subaru opts for a unibody pickup truck, Ridgeline will not have a chance next to the new Subaru Baja truck.

2022 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck return

2022 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck Release Date, Price

The approaching 2022 Subaru Baja Pickup Truck is expected to be on sale in 2022. However, until Subaru makes this model public, we remain doubtful about its potential return. In any case, this model is expected to start at $30,000.

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