2022 VW Amarok is Coming to the USA, Along With New Ford Ranger

The next-generation 2022 VW Amarok will debut in the coming weeks. Volkswagen has yet to reveal additional specifics about the mid-size pickup, which will arrive in dealerships later in 2021. The German automaker will collaborate with Ford on future models.

Amarok is one of the models, and it will be built on the same platform as the mid-size Ford Ranger. Two mechanically identical variants will be available in the United States. And as we wait for the official announcement, here is what we do know at the moment.

2022 VW Amarok usa

Redesign of the 2022 Amarok

The upcoming 2022 VW Amarok will get a comprehensive overhaul. As this is a new chapter in the life of this popular pickup truck, a new platform is being developed. As previously stated, Ford’s mid-size Ranger model will be based on the same architecture. Amarok will be nearly identical in dimensions to the Volkswagen Passat, and the initial design details are already available. Amarok’s present boxy look won’t change at all. The updated aesthetic elements are more reminiscent of the Tiguan and T-Roc models.

Naturally, some sections will be more akin to the Ranger’s cues. According to what we know, the Amarok will receive a whole new front fascia. Once again, the familiar “Dynamic Shield” design is on offer, and a similar design can be found on the Mitsubishi Triton. Additionally, we anticipate new exterior features and exterior colors as well.

2022 VW Amarok Australia

New MEB Platform

As previously said, Ford and Volkswagen will collaborate in the future and, hopefully, develop some incredible stuff. The 2022 VW Amarok will be more akin to the Ford Ranger mid-size pickup truck. Two different models will share the same MEB platform. The ID 3 model will be the first to feature this architecture. Ford intends to use this platform for hybrid and all-electric vehicles in the future. Volkswagen will follow suit, however, the majority of these future vehicles will be sold in Europe.

Ford stated that the company intends to construct more than 600,000 vehicles on this platform over the next five years. The MEB platform also benefits from self-driving technologies. The German automaker is developing the Argo AI, which is only one of the self-driving vehicles in development. However, Amarok will not be able to offer such a high level of autonomy in the foreseeable future. New architecture, on the other hand, enables electricity and better safety.

2022 VW Amarok Ranger

Possible Engine Configurations

This is perhaps the biggest mystery regarding the 2022 VW Amarok pickup truck.  The current Amarok is available with a 2.0-liter engine producing 160 horsepower and up to 220 lb-ft of torque. A 3.6-liter V6 engine with 275 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of twisting torque is also available as an option. However, certain adjustments are imminent.

The most solid reports indicate that the engine will be the same as that found in the Ford Ranger. It is a 2.7-liter V6 gasoline engine. Additionally, a 2.0-liter and 3.0-liter diesel engine could be on offer too. It makes perfect sense, considering the two models share the same chassis. However, the actual engine lineup is not yet official, and we also hope to learn more about Amarok’s specifications.

2022 VW Amarok Price, Release Date

The forthcoming 2022 VW Amarok will initially arrive in South America and Europe. Volkswagen will then introduce a version for Africa and North America. Sales are about to commence later this year or in the first quarter of 2022. Volkswagen has not yet disclosed the pricing but will do so shortly. Anyway, the price will start at around $35,000.

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