2023 Bollinger B2: Everything You Need to Know

The 2023 Bollinger B2 will be available later in 2022. When Bollinger Motors was founded seven years ago, it was virtually a startup. The manufacturer is now almost ready to release its B1 electric SUV and B2 electric truck. Bollinger has provided numerous features thus far, and we anticipate that the B2 truck will be a huge success. The B2 model, on the other hand, is not suitable for all.

It has an odd appearance, and even the interior is unappealing. Despite this, it is a one-of-a-kind pickup truck with an all-electric drivetrain and amazing potential. Despite the fact that we are still waiting for other brands to introduce their models, the segment will surely dominate in the future.

Bollinger B2 Exterior Dimensions

The 2023 Bollinger B2, which will be available next year, is an electric truck with an interesting appearance. This isn’t an everyday pickup truck that you’ll see on the streets. The B2 model is neither appealing nor thrilling. This form, on the other hand, appears boring and strange. Its boxy shape is unappealing, but 15 inches of ground clearance indicates that it is a capable off-roader.

The rugged exterior design came as no surprise to us. The B2 pickup, on the other hand, will be made of additional aluminum materials. As a result, the truck is exceptionally sturdy, and its overall weight is reduced due to the usage of aluminum. The B2 model should be 207 inches long with a 139-inch long wheelbase. If you’re searching for capability rather than a nice-looking truck, the B2 is a great option.

2023 Bollinger B2 specs

Barbaric Interior Design

Inside the cabin, the 2023 Bollinger B2 is groundbreaking in our opinion, although not technologically. There will be no revolutionary new technologies or anything of the sort. The interior of the B2 EV, on the other hand, is quite utilitarian, with a plethora of smart features. The back cabin wall, for example, can be pulled down, and the rear glass can be flipped up. The windshield, doors, and even the roof are all easily removed.

The company will provide heated seats as an option, along with a few other luxury features. On the other hand, 110V outlets, Bluetooth, cloth upholstery, and other equivalent items will be standard. Surprisingly, Bollinger also provides leather and vegan leather upholsteries. The internal space is generous, and the manufacturer will provide a broad list of standard and optional features.

2023 Bollinger B2 interior

Charging Time and Driving Range

This new model will feature a 142 kWh battery pack and a driving range of about 300 miles. The 2023 Bollinger B2 may be charged completely in ten hours. Rapid charging, on the other hand, is available, so you can charge this truck in around one hour or somewhat longer. Reliable reports, on the other hand, predict smaller numbers than Bollinger promised. According to the manufacturer, the B2 car would have a dual-motor system that delivers slightly above 600 horsepower and roughly 670 lb-ft of torque.

According to the most current speculations, this model will produce significantly less. Only time will tell, but the Bollinger B2 will surely be a powerful and capable truck in its class. This model will include variable hydropneumatic suspension and will be the first electric truck to feature a dual-rear-wheel variant.

2023 Bollinger B2 truck

2023 Bollinger B2 Release Date, Price

In terms of price, the forthcoming 2023 Bollinger B2 will cost around $60,000. This is not official yet, but a slightly lower price could become a reality. The sales will reportedly begin later in 2022. The B2 truck will rival Rivian R1T, Tesla Cybertruck, and other all-electric models in the segment.

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