2023 Chevy Kodiak: Everything You Need to Know

GM wants to bring back a well-known nameplate. We’re talking about the new 2023 Chevy Kodiak that will be out later this year. For a long time in the past, this was a medium-duty model that was present for three decades. The first Kodiak was made in 1980. That’s not all. Its most recent model came out in 2010. Bringing back old names is a current trend, and Chevrolet will follow in that direction.

Kodiak is coming back, most likely in a limited edition. Also, Chevy might make it one of the special editions in the Silverado’s heavy-duty range. Until now, we don’t know much about the new Kodiak. However, here’s everything you need to know about this model and its possible comeback.

Chevy Kodiak Exterior Design

The new 2023 Chevy Kodiak will almost certainly be back in 2022. When General Motors makes a new model, they will again choose to make it look more interesting and have a lot of extra features. Kodiak will be built on a modified version of the company’s architecture, which is used to build the Silverado HD series of trucks. Changes to the design should make it stronger and more powerful.

People who do hauling and utility work, in general, are what we’re talking about in this case. If you buy a Chevy Kodiak, it could end up in one of two ways. The first will be a stand-alone model and come in a variety of different trims. It’s more likely that Kodiak will be sold in a limited number.

2023 Chevy Kodiak design

Silverado-Based Cabin Design

Once it arrives, the new 2023 Chevy Kodiak will come in regular and crew cab versions. The cabin of the truck won’t be the same as the last one. This time, Silverado 1500 pickup truck will serve as an inspiration. This isn’t a surprise, since most of Chevrolet’s pickups and trucks are based on this one. Kodiak, of course, will have its own unique design, with lines and accents that make it stand out. However, the most likely outcome is that the design will be similar or the same as before.

The cabin will look great in a category where trucks are meant to get the job done. For most people, Kodiak will be both a workhorse and a good-looking pickup truck for everyday use. The dashboard will be the same as the one on the Silverado model. Generally, the interior will look good. Last but not least, Kodiak will offer a high level of comfort and a wide range of standard equipment.

2023 Chevy Kodiak interior

Engine Choices

This will not be a surprise in terms of how it performs. New engines are too expensive, so the upcoming 2023 Chevy Kodiak will have a 6.6-liter Duramax engine under the hood. This turbodiesel engine is both reliable and powerful. It provides 445 horses and is already available in the Silverado HD series of trucks.

This engine can also make up to 910 lb-ft of torque. According to some rumors, the Duramax diesel engine is going to get a lot better. We don’t expect fuel efficiency to get better, but we do expect more power. With so much torque, Kodiak is sure to be very good at what it does. It’s not clear what is going on with transmission right now. All right. We have to wait a little longer for Chevrolet to give us more information about its new model.

2023 Chevy Kodiak specs

2023 Chevy Kodiak Price, Release Date

The price of the forthcoming 2023 Chevy Kodiak is still a huge mystery. General Motors is going to give out more information about the new model closer to the launch date. Anyway, the Kodiak truck is set to go on sale in late 2022 or early 2023. A huge comeback is on the way, and we’ll let you know more about it before it comes out.

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