2023 Ford F-650 Will Produce More Power Than Before

The upcoming 2023 Ford F-650 is currently in the works. This incredible truck will be available at showrooms in the second half of 2022, most likely with minor changes. The F-650 and F-750 versions were designed for businesses, specifically for transferring things from one area to another.

However, this vehicle quickly became popular with regular customers as well. Ford will most likely make additional drastic revisions for 2024. Until then, this strong model will only have small enhancements.

Ford F-650 Facelift

The next 2023 Ford F-650 will receive minor modifications and additions. At the same time, the complete medium-duty truck lineup will be modernized. The new F-650 will retain its present appearance, which includes a stylish front fascia. Furthermore, nothing will change on the sides, while the back area will most likely be tweaked slightly.

For example, the grille is crisper and sharper than before. The headlamps were recently redesigned, and most of the novelties were inspired by the F-150 pickup. New exterior paint is always a possibility. More features, as well as new optional extras, are also on the way.

2023 Ford F-650 release date

Interior Changes

Inside the cabin, the new model should obtain minor updates as well. The 2023 Ford F-650 is a prime example of why we disagree. Its cabin is jam-packed with cutting-edge technology. The level of comfort is high, and there is plenty of space inside. The bottom trim level includes standard features, so don’t anticipate anything out of the ordinary.

The cabin is similar to the Ford Super Duty vehicles. Of course, there isn’t much luxury here, but the interior is typically surprising. In case you didn’t know, Blue Oval recently updated the steering column and wheel. Despite the fact that safety will be improved, the F-650 already has excellent safety ratings. Overall, we anticipate slight improvements this time around.

2023 Ford F-650 interior

Towing Capacity, Transmission

The same 7.3-liter V8 petrol engine will power the next 2023 Ford F-650. This Godzilla engine will produce 350 horsepower and 468 lb-ft of torque. The gasoline V8 will join the 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 diesel engine. This turbodiesel choice can produce 270 horsepower and a torque of over 700 lb-ft. Both engines use the TorqShift HD six-speed automatic transmission.

The F-650 truck will undergo some minor mechanical modifications. To begin, an integrated air compressor will now be compatible with a gasoline V8 engine. The compressor provides power to the air brakes and air suspension. Air brakes, on the other hand, are only available on diesel-powered vehicles. Furthermore, Ford will provide more torque to the diesel unit, so the towing capacity will be significantly higher.

2023 Ford F-650 towing

2023 Ford F-650 Price, Release Date

As for the price, the new 2023 Ford F-650 should cost around 59,000. Moreover, a diesel engine will be optional once again, and it will cost you an additional $10k. This impressive work truck will hit the markets this year, most likely in September. Blue Oval is yet to reveal more details, including the truck’s price and performance.

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