2024 Mitsubishi L200 to Introduce Something Completely Different

The Japanese manufacturer is giving us a treat with the new 2024 Mitsubishi L200. This mid-size pickup is not the most famous one. But it does all the things right. It has been on the market for quite a while and things are becoming stale. This means that it is time for a refresh. Otherwise, Mitsubishi might lose out on many potential buyers.

The styling will mostly be resigned, technology needs an update. Per some rumors, there might be a complete exterior overhaul. They are aiming for an Outlander-like design. Powertrain might have some more serious changes, perhaps even electrification this time around. Let’s take a look at the new L200.

Mitsubishi L200 Interior Overhaul

The inside of the L200 is stale. It needs a major update and some reshuffling of the interior pieces. This means that the new 2024 Mitsubishi L200 gets new seating. The old ones resembled racing seats a lot. This isn’t something we want in a mid-size pickup. This will be used both for working and everyday agendas and it needs to have a contemporary style that a lot of people can get behind.

So, more cushioning, better lumbar support, and perhaps massaging features on higher trims. Infotainment is a touchscreen of 12 inches per report. It will have standard connectivity. The dashboard will also be digital which is a nice step towards the future as it allows easier tracking of information. It will be interesting to see if Mitsubishi throws in hands-free driving. This feature is sought after in vehicles today as it is innovative and a lifesaver.

2024 Mitsubishi L200 interior

Exterior Redesign, Spy Shots

There will be some minor tweaks to the outside of the 2024 Mitsubishi L200. This means the body design will be modernized, and some curves will be introduced. This will improve aerodynamics and ergonomics. In return, we can expect much better fuel economy and handling.

There will be both a two-door and four-door version of the L200. The front fascia has some chrome accents with a huge Mitsubishi logo and air intakes. This will help cool everything down in the engine department.

2024 Mitsubishi L200 spied

Engine Specs

The following Mitsubishi L200 in Europe will be powered by a 2.3-liter turbodiesel engine in 2023. The four-cylinder engine produces 295 lb-ft of torque and 145 horsepower. In Asia, a bigger 2.4-liter diesel engine with 180 horsepower and 320 lb-ft of torque is available for the L200. Both models come with either a conventional two-wheel-drive system or an additional four-wheel-drive system as options.

The optional engine has a 7,500-pound towing capacity. Mitsubishi will provide a selection of gasoline engines for a variety of markets. Customers are less likely to buy gasoline-powered versions, on the other hand. The hybrid powertrain is only a rumor right now. According to reports, the hybrid system would be the same as that found in the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. Expect something absolutely distinctive from Mitsubishi with the L200, which almost definitely features a diesel-hybrid powertrain.

It will unquestionably be a fantastic improvement for the L200 car. The hybrid powertrain is a major upgrade compared to the traditional powertrain ones. Also, it will make the engine last much longer and put it under less stress. We would like to see a dual electric motor setup, one for each axle. But that is just wishful thinking. Perhaps the next generation of L200 comes with a hybrid system.

2024 Mitsubishi L200 redesign

Solid Fuel Efficiency

Expect to get around 32 mpg with the 2.4-liter engine of the 2024 Mitsubishi L200. This is amazing mileage considering the size of the truck. Other competitors in the mid-size segment are between 20-25 mpg. So, this gives the L200 a major upside when compared to other pickups.

2024 Mitsubishi L200 Price and Release Date

The upcoming 2024 Mitsubishi L200 is supposed to hit the road later next year. Most probably in the summer of 2023. Starting price is estimated at around $30,000 which is the middle of the pack when it comes to mid-size pickups.

The hybrid model would be around $40,000 based on specifications that are inside of it. Some countries will be able to get the L200 under a different name tag. It will be called Triton. The competition in the segment is fierce so we will have to wait and see how the L200 performs on the road, and off of it.

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