2024 Nissan Navara to Arrive As Completely New Model?

The forthcoming 2024 Nissan Navara could be a completely new truck, once it arrives later in 2023. This is just a rumor, but, this truck is ready for the next chapter. And while it isn’t available in the US, Navara is a quite popular model in other parts of the world. It is closely related to the Nissan Frontier, a mid-size truck available in the United States.

Navara is known for its good durability, satisfying interior, high level of comfort, and more than solid performance. On top of that, it provides good on-road and off-road capabilities. Thanks to numerous trim levels, it is a highly customizable truck. Additionally, this model could receive lots of new technologies, including some sort of electrification under the hood.

Nissan Navara Electric – Rumors and Specs

You read that right, the 2024 Nissan Navara could be an all-electric truck in the future. While this is far from official, many reports are predicting exactly that. In reality, a hybrid powertrain makes much more sense. The current model is powered by a 2.3-liter turbodiesel engine and it provides either 160 horsepower or 190 horsepower.

As this is a global model, each market offers Navara with a different powertrain. For example, in some parts, Navara is available with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, and it generates around 150 ponies. Nissan didn’t provide any sort of info yet, but something is cooking. Either hybrid or all-electric powertrain would be quite a big improvement.

2024 Nissan Navara Pro 4X

Interior Changes

The 2024 Nissan Navara will gain a couple of important interior updates. Due to technological developments, the most recent pickup truck may easily outperform a sizable number of rivals. The interior is wonderfully peaceful and cozy as well. Plus, compared to the previous model, the new one is more driver-focused.

It boasts enhanced interior architecture throughout. The presence of a standard 8-inch touchscreen is amazing. If you select the PRO-4X version, you’ll receive a larger display, black Nissan logos on the seats, and a more distinctive, athletic style. We also expect to see more upright materials, and more driver-assistance aids.

2024 Nissan Navara interior


A few striking visual changes will be made to the upcoming 2024 Nissan Navara. The Navara pickup, which has won several awards, will get even more improvements next year. The new design is more elegant, versatile, and long-lasting. In summary, Nissan created one of the most recognizable pickup trucks in the world.

The new Navara stands out because of its familiar design language and eye-catching appearance. It also has redesigned grille and C-shaped LED headlights. On the next Navara, the Japanese carmaker also modifies the rear bumper, side steps, and taillights. Additionally, a Pro-4X trim level will be made available. This model will have magnificent 17-inch wheels, an aggressive style, and a distinctive grille.

2024 Nissan Navara redesign

2024 Nissan Navara Release Date and Price

Naturally, the price of the 2024 Nissan Navara will jump, after the most recent updates. The current model starts at around $30,000, but new model should exceed that with ease. Moreover, rumored hybrid and all-electric variants will cost considerably more. Still, Nissan is silent on new Navara, so we are yet to hear official details. In any case, this popular global truck will hit dealerships in the second half of 2023.

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